Employment Contracts and Non-Compete Agreements

Drafting and Reviewing Contracts

In many businesses, there is a need for a standard contract with customers (or terms on an invoice) – perhaps certain disclaimers regarding liability, and so on. In the case of contractors, working on improvements to real property, there is certain statutory language that must appear on the order and invoice in order to preserve the subcontractors’ rights to post a mechanics’ lien if they are not paid. A business also can try to establish the same thing with suppliers, but it is usually more difficult as the business obviously has less leverage in such a case. Where the supplier is providing a major piece of equipment, the supplier itself probably has a sale or lease contract, and there may be financing involved. We have reviewed and renegotiated certain points of such agreements in several cases.

Most businesses will hire staff and workers as employees-at-will (without a written contract.) There are some circumstances, particularly for top level positions, that an employment agreement will become advisable or necessary. We have experience both drafting and reviewing these, as needed. A frequent element of employment contracts is a non-compete agreement, and we have experience both drafting and interpreting these as well. Another frequent feature is stock options and their proper treatment tax-wise.

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